Finitiv: A Key Publishing Partner for Creating Subscription Services

Finitiv: A Key Publishing Partner for Creating Subscription Services

For some publishers, well-curated collections of content addressing a subject area in which the publisher has depth can become the foundation of significant recurring revenue streams through subscription services.

Content that resides on a content or cloud-based server can be dynamically delivered to customers by a range of web and mobile applications.
But web and mobile applications can be more than just delivery vehicles; they can add additional functionality to help users work with the content to achieve the most value. Content delivery services such as this have proven to be robust, recurring streams of revenue.

Industry precedent have shown that collections of content delivered via well-designed web and mobile interfaces have the potential of being an important part of many publisher’s digital strategy.

Is this really achievable?
In word: yes. And Finitiv can get you there.
The creation of digital subscription services used to be within the reach of only the most well capitalized organization. By taking advantage of time-tested best practices in technology, standards-based software technology (some of them open source) and cloud services, Finitiv has put the creation of subscription services into virtually any company that has a market opportunity.

Is this an opportunity for your organization?
Not all publishers can create and sustain successful content delivery subscription services. There are a few key factors that would indicate potential success with this model:
• Publisher addresses professional, research, or academic marketplace.
• Publisher has depth within specific content domains and has achieved recognition in these areas.
• Publisher has a good understanding of its customers.
• Publisher currently sells or markets directly to its customers, or is committed to doing so.
• Publisher is strategically committed to increasing digital revenue.

If your organization fits these criteria, you likely have a significant untapped revenue opportunity.  Let’s get the conversation started.