Session Description: Driving Value and Revenue Through Digital Collections (IDPF/BEA/Digital Book 2014)

Session Description: Driving Value and Revenue Through Digital Collections (IDPF/BEA/Digital Book 2014)

Session Description: Digital Book 2014 (IDPF/BEA)

The whole is greater that the sum of its parts: Creating reference value by providing access to collections of related e-book titles.


Publishers and distribution partners have opportunities to create profound customer value by providing access to curated collections of related titles. A curated collection of thematically related and authoritative works represents a unified information resource of significant value to many customers segments, including researchers in academic settings and knowledge workers in professional environments.

This lively roundtable discussion will explore some of the aspects of provisioning collections:
• Customer Value Creation: What are some of the customer segments that find value in collections versus single titles. What is the nature of the new value created by defined collections to these customers?
• Collections Curation: What is the process of defining collections? What are the implications of the curation process in terms of authority? Will this be a new profession? How and when should collections be revised?
• Publisher’s Role: When should the publisher be the point of authority for defining and selling collections? What role do marketers and editors play in the definition, delivery, and management of collections? What might be the role of the crowd-sourced curation and of algorithmic analysis?


The Roundtable

Chris Parton West Academic is CEO of West Academic Publishing, the leading publisher of casebooks, treatises, study aids and other legal education materials in the United States. Next month, West Academic will begin delivering new high-value services to customers and opening new opportunities through the delivery of reference services based upon curated collections of West Academic titles.
Prior to West Academic, Chris was Vice President & General Manager of Thomson Reuters’ Academic division. Chris has a twenty-year track record leading commercially successful professional and academic publishing initiatives. He holds a JD degree from The University of Texas School of Law.

Corey Pressman is founder of Exprima Media, a software strategy and design consultancy based in Portland, Oregon. A former anthropology professor, Corey brings together deep understanding of interaction between between people and digital media, seen through the lens of cultural anthropology. Corey’s observations are backed by years of experience guiding organizations through the digital landscape.

Corey authors Ancient Marginalia, a popular Digital Bok World blog about the history and future of reading. He also hosts Exprima Talks, an interview series for Publishing Perspectives that focuses on developments on the edge of digital content delivery. Corey has recently contributed a chapter to the forthcoming IGI Global title Examining Paratextual Theory and its Applications in Digital Culture.

Jeff Dean is Publisher at Focal Press, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group. Focal publishes materials for creative professionals and students in the media arts, including photography, film, gaming, animation, audio, web design, theater, and mass communication. Jeff manages the editorial group at Focal’s offices outside of Boston, also guiding market strategy and business development. Prior to Focal, he was an Executive Editor at Wiley, responsible for acquisitions of text, reference, and academic titles in philosophy and related fields.

Jeff studied German and philosophy at Oberlin College, and went on to receive his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. He has published research in ethics and philosophy of art, and taught at both the college and high school level in these fields.

Andrew Brenneman (moderator) is President of Finitiv. Finitiv partners with publishers in the professional reference marketplace to deliver digital subscription services. In 2012, Finitiv launched PCSbeacon®, the industry’s first turnkey hosted subscription service platform for book publishers.

For over twenty years, Andrew has led digital media initiatives with organizations that include Thomson Learning, University of Chicago Press, and NETg. Many are familiar with Andrew through his column in Book Business Magazine, “Digital Directions”, that he has written since 2008. He holds a Master’s degree in Technology and Communications from New York University, has been awarded U.S. Patents for digital media innovation.