The Top 10 Ways to Kill Your Publishing Business

The world of content is in the midst of a nearly perfect storm:

Changes in the media landscape brought about by digital technologies and customer behavior are driving fundamental changes in how we acquire, produce and sell content.
The global financial crisis makes funding new capital initiatives required to address digital media much more difficult.
A downturn in the advertising market is raising […]

Of Androids and E-books

After a year of anticipation and rumor, the recent unveiling of the ‘Android’ was decidedly anticlimactic. The launch of the first product running Google’s open-source Android mobile operating system, a device manufactured by HTC of Taiwan to operate on the T-Mobile network, didn’t make much of a splash. The press was unabashedly nonplussed. Out of the gate, the launch of […]

Does Design Matter in Digital Distribution?

An important characteristic of digital content is its ability to deliver to multiple platforms simultaneously—to print, Web and mobile channels. Invariably, the same content will look different when viewed on various output devices, and it should. Each device has its own display characteristics, and the design of the presentation should be optimized for that device. I can hear the groans […]

The Third Rail

Like many parents of elementary-school-age children, I spend a fair amount of time around trains. Steam, cog or narrow-gauge, I am no stranger to the iron horse. Perhaps that explains the frequency of my use of railroad metaphors. This column is no exception.

To realize the full potential of digital technology in product development and marketing, content organizations will continue to […]

The Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), outlined a strategy for the future of the Web in a series of papers and articles published between 1998 and 2001. He observed that while there was a wealth of information available for people to explore on the Web, computers had difficulty extracting information from it. The Web consists largely […]

Your Digital DNA

I started working with digital content 25 years ago, developing interactive products for publishers and other content organizations in New York City. I worked in small media and technology development firms, without much to speak of in terms of infrastructure. I imagined that the larger publishing organizations for which we developed products all had robust systems for the management of […]

DRM: The Battle Observed

Digital rights management (DRM) is the most contentious topic in the world of digital media. The battle over DRM shows no signs of abating, and its outcome will shape the digital media landscape for decades to come.

Digital rights management, however, is a bit of a misnomer. It is not about managing rights, per se, but about controlling access to and […]