PCSbeacon®:  the book collections delivery platform.

PCSbeacon is Finitiv’s innovative media delivery platform that provides access to collections of titles from any device.  Access can be provided on a subscription service to individuals or groups.

There is a lot of talk about the subscription model in the world of media and publishing.  PCSbeacon is the only system build from the ground up to deliver the power of collections.

PCSbeacon Reader

Customers love PCSbeacon.  It provides the features they need to access and efficiently use their collections.  Some of the features that are most powerful are demonstrated in the following videos:


PCSbeacon Service Platform

PCSbeacon is also popular with publishers, authors and other content providers.  Some of the features that are found by them to be especially valuable are:

  • Automated ingestion of any EPUB-formatted title.  New collections can be quickly brought to market.
  • Access plans for individual subscribers, multi-seat group subscriptions, and IP-based enterprise access.
  • Detailed analytics data is provided for content providers to gain maximum insight on the usage patterns of their readers.

See the video Introduction to PCSbeacon.