Content Delivery

What the Cloud Really Means for Publishers

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of applications, data storage and other computing resources over a network. In other words, the applications and data are sitting on a server somewhere, not on your desktop. This is the polar opposite of the “personal computer” model that most are familiar with, in which everything is sitting right there on your PC: the […]

The New Marketing Framework

A year ago, I wrote a column examining the problems that occur when publishing organizations place marketing departments in technology silos, without access to digital assets and tools that would otherwise make marketing programs more effective.

The situation seems only to have gotten more dire. As digital media becomes increasingly important, so does the strategic potential of marketing organizations. Yet, often, […]

Quantity = 1: Customization’s Unfulfilled Promise

Digital content enables distribution on a massive scale. A few examples:

the ability to inexpensively and instantaneously spam the known universe;
the ability to distribute video content to audiences that a small cable network would find attractive; and
most importantly, the ability for Ashton Kutcher to keep a million of us abreast of his every move in real time (via Twitter).

Digital platforms remove the […]

The Google Settlement

It has been several months since Google’s preliminary out-of-court settlement with the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Authors Guild regarding Google Book Search, and the dust has yet to settle. The agreement’s true impact will only become apparent over time, as its terms are put into practice. The devil will be in the details of execution. This is […]

Your Digital DNA

I started working with digital content 25 years ago, developing interactive products for publishers and other content organizations in New York City. I worked in small media and technology development firms, without much to speak of in terms of infrastructure. I imagined that the larger publishing organizations for which we developed products all had robust systems for the management of […]