Cross-channel Publishing

Finitiv: A Key Publishing Partner for Creating Subscription Services

For some publishers, well-curated collections of content addressing a subject area in which the publisher has depth can become the foundation of significant recurring revenue streams through subscription services.

Content that resides on a content or cloud-based server can be dynamically delivered to customers by a range of web and mobile applications.
But web and mobile applications can be more than just […]

Tear Down the Silo: 8 Tips for Uniting Digital and Print

While at times painful to acknowledge, digital media is highly disruptive to publishing. It forces us to rethink basic assumptions about the nature of our product offerings, and how to create and deliver them. Most now see that digital cannot be ignored and requires enormous change.

It’s one thing to recognize the importance of digital; it’s another to actually embrace it. […]

The Promise of Subscription Services: Remarks to the AAUP

The following is a transcript of remarks delivered by Andrew Brenneman of Finitiv, at the annual meeting of the Chief Financial Officers of the American Association of University Presses, Spring 2011, in San Francisco.
Control Your Digital Destiny:
Subscription Services as a Model to Increase Publisher Revenue and Relevance

 Summary of Remarks
Digital Content Delivery Challenge
The mobile era of digital content delivery is a […]

Google’s eBookstore: A Rising Tide

With a P.T. Barnum -like flourish, Google launched its eBookstore as “the largest e-books collection in the world!” Over 3 million titles! Step right up! Best-sellers and public-domain titles!

Google made good on its commitment of launching the eBookstore before the end of 2010, and 2011 will be an interesting year for the e-book world.

The launch of the Google eBookstore is the […]

Tiers Without Fears: What Technology Layers Mean to You

Complex systems, such as digital publishing platforms, are composed of a number of components that work together. Software architects often think of these components as being arranged in layers, or “tiers”, like a layer cake.

While there is lack of consensus as to how these tiers should be defined, there is strong convergence around one particular flavor of this layer cake: […]

Re-architecting Product Development

The advent of digital media has long threatened that the most fundamental processes of publishing must fundamentally change, as publishers grapple with delivering their offerings to multiple formats and devices, simultaneously and with equal quality.  Now, after years of delay and procrastination, publishers are beginning to this process of fundamental change.

Since the late Jurassic Period, books have been created with […]

The New Marketing Framework

A year ago, I wrote a column examining the problems that occur when publishing organizations place marketing departments in technology silos, without access to digital assets and tools that would otherwise make marketing programs more effective.

The situation seems only to have gotten more dire. As digital media becomes increasingly important, so does the strategic potential of marketing organizations. Yet, often, […]

8 Tips for Driving Digital Change in Your Company

Here are the best ways to begin or continue to get traction in the digital realm in 2010.

1.Have a three- to 30-month digital plan.
Map out a plan for digital initiatives that will take place between three and 30 months from now. Include activities related to content conversion, digital process innovation, digital asset conversion and management, digital product development and digital […]

Cross-Media Product Strategy

Every medium possesses a unique set of characteristics. While this statement sounds self-evident at face value, the failure to understand and exploit the attributes of each medium often results in strategic missteps for publishers. The result: product failure from putting the wrong product in the wrong medium, or missed opportunities for product value creation.

Three media that we are all grappling […]

Quantity = 1: Customization’s Unfulfilled Promise

Digital content enables distribution on a massive scale. A few examples:

the ability to inexpensively and instantaneously spam the known universe;
the ability to distribute video content to audiences that a small cable network would find attractive; and
most importantly, the ability for Ashton Kutcher to keep a million of us abreast of his every move in real time (via Twitter).

Digital platforms remove the […]

The Top 10 Ways to Kill Your Publishing Business

The world of content is in the midst of a nearly perfect storm:

Changes in the media landscape brought about by digital technologies and customer behavior are driving fundamental changes in how we acquire, produce and sell content.
The global financial crisis makes funding new capital initiatives required to address digital media much more difficult.
A downturn in the advertising market is raising […]

Does Design Matter in Digital Distribution?

An important characteristic of digital content is its ability to deliver to multiple platforms simultaneously—to print, Web and mobile channels. Invariably, the same content will look different when viewed on various output devices, and it should. Each device has its own display characteristics, and the design of the presentation should be optimized for that device. I can hear the groans […]