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Manuscript First: A more efficient, pragmatic path to cross-platform publishing

For many publishing organizations, one important topic is the way in which the same content is delivered to different media and different devices. This is sometimes referred to as cross-platform publishing.The modes of delivery that the market requires are broad, and may include print, Web/HTML, e-ink reader (e.g., original Kindle), LCD reader (Kindle Touch, Nook Tablet), tablet (iPad) and smartphone¬†[…]

8 Tips for Driving Digital Change in Your Company

Here are the best ways to begin or continue to get traction in the digital realm in 2010.

1.Have a three- to 30-month digital plan.
Map out a plan for digital initiatives that will take place between three and 30 months from now. Include activities related to content conversion, digital process innovation, digital asset conversion and management, digital product development and digital¬†[…]