Manuscript First: A more efficient, pragmatic path to cross-platform publishing

For many publishing organizations, one important topic is the way in which the same content is delivered to different media and different devices. This is sometimes referred to as cross-platform publishing.The modes of delivery that the market requires are broad, and may include print, Web/HTML, e-ink reader (e.g., original Kindle), LCD reader (Kindle Touch, Nook Tablet), tablet (iPad) and smartphone […]

Tear Down the Silo: 8 Tips for Uniting Digital and Print

While at times painful to acknowledge, digital media is highly disruptive to publishing. It forces us to rethink basic assumptions about the nature of our product offerings, and how to create and deliver them. Most now see that digital cannot be ignored and requires enormous change.

It’s one thing to recognize the importance of digital; it’s another to actually embrace it. […]

The Promise of Subscription Services: Remarks to the AAUP

The following is a transcript of remarks delivered by Andrew Brenneman of Finitiv, at the annual meeting of the Chief Financial Officers of the American Association of University Presses, Spring 2011, in San Francisco.
Control Your Digital Destiny:
Subscription Services as a Model to Increase Publisher Revenue and Relevance

 Summary of Remarks
Digital Content Delivery Challenge
The mobile era of digital content delivery is a […]

Re-architecting Product Development

The advent of digital media has long threatened that the most fundamental processes of publishing must fundamentally change, as publishers grapple with delivering their offerings to multiple formats and devices, simultaneously and with equal quality.  Now, after years of delay and procrastination, publishers are beginning to this process of fundamental change.

Since the late Jurassic Period, books have been created with […]