Manuscript First: A more efficient, pragmatic path to cross-platform publishing

For many publishing organizations, one important topic is the way in which the same content is delivered to different media and different devices. This is sometimes referred to as cross-platform publishing.The modes of delivery that the market requires are broad, and may include print, Web/HTML, e-ink reader (e.g., original Kindle), LCD reader (Kindle Touch, Nook Tablet), tablet (iPad) and smartphone […]

Breaking Away 
From the App Herd

Publishers and media types often fall victim to a herd mentality, in which one and all jump on the latest bandwagon, the latest “hot topic.” The realm of digital publishing is especially susceptible to this bandwagon effect. Digital media will require a fundamental strategic shift for many media organizations, involving new business models and unfamiliar technical issues. It is often […]

Tiers Without Fears: What Technology Layers Mean to You

Complex systems, such as digital publishing platforms, are composed of a number of components that work together. Software architects often think of these components as being arranged in layers, or “tiers”, like a layer cake.

While there is lack of consensus as to how these tiers should be defined, there is strong convergence around one particular flavor of this layer cake: […]

The Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), outlined a strategy for the future of the Web in a series of papers and articles published between 1998 and 2001. He observed that while there was a wealth of information available for people to explore on the Web, computers had difficulty extracting information from it. The Web consists largely […]